Office lunch ideas inspired by the Doppio Zero menu

You know the holiday season is ending when the cheesy straight-to-TV festive movies stop, and the school stationery ads begin. This coming year seems like it will be even more interesting than usual, as many of us will have to return to our actual offices instead of our improvised spare room workstations. This will likely be a shock to the system, as we’ve become quite accustomed to no commuting, all-day pyjamas, and, of course, our own kitchens.

That’s right, soon you’ll have to rely on the dodgy office microwave for your lunch-time meals. But continue reading this blog post, where our chefs at Doppio Zero, also known as South Africa’s favourite family-style restaurant, share some quick lunch ideas for work just for you!

Lunch-time legends

Office kitchens are usually ill-equipped for healthy lunch meals, especially if you’re following a whole food diet. But Doppio Zero has some tips and tricks to make your lunch hour legendary.

Boxing clever

While it may be tempting to rely on takeaways, your local burger joint probably isn’t the most wholesome or cost-effective choice. Instead, why not try “fake-aways” with homemade lunch box meals? Take some inspo from the Doppio Zero menu: our plant-based foods options are easy to make ahead, including the crisp House Salad, crunchy Nomad Wrap, and Smashed Avo – no dodgy microwave needed!

Pack your lunch prep meals in a tightly sealed glass or plastic container to avoid any spillage. If you’re eating something leafy, it’s a good idea to add the dressing just before you’re ready to tuck in: nobody likes a soggy salad!

Keep it fresh

A key component to yummy meals is always mixing things up. Don’t get into a food rut by eating the same thing every day – soon enough, you’ll get bored, and then it’s back to Uber Eats. Try something new every other day: you’ll find plenty of daily lunch ideas at Doppio Zero! And remember to be adventurous – our Oxtail & Short Rib Quesadilla and Veg Moussaka are the perfect dishes to expand your palate.

Sneak off for a snack

No matter how fancy your easy lunch meals are, nothing quite beats the real thing. Why not take a Friday lunch break and head over to Doppio Zero? We’ll serve you the absolute best, and we promise not to tell the boss – unless they tag along!