Healthy lunch meals for weight loss from the Doppio Zero menu

It’s tough staying in shape when you’ve stuffed your face with stacks of roast potatoes and creamy holiday puddings! It can feel like an impossible task. And our sunny January skies make it tricky to hide the ahem “festive spread” under a thick sweater. So, should you swap the turkey and treacle for a plate of lettuce? Not quite.

The skinny on low-calorie lunch meals

Following a whole food diet that won’t pack on the pounds is easier than you think. All it really means is avoiding packaged, processed junk and sticking to fresh, wholesome foods.

Confused about where to start? Fear not! Doppio Zero, AKA the best modern Mediterranean restaurant in South Africa, is all about serving yum without adding to your tum. Read on to get some healthy lunch inspiration straight from our menu.

Go Island style

It’s been proven time, and again that following the Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest ways to eat. Low in carbs, high in health, and supremely delicious, going Mediterranean will keep you satisfied and slender. And you don’t have to hop on a plane to enjoy the benefits! The Doppio Zero menu is full of keto lunch meals like the scrumptious Chicken Breast and, of course, our Mediterranean Hake.

Plate up some plant-based protein

Experts generally agree that our bodies need more of two things: plants and protein. And no, those two don’t cancel each other out! Legumes, chickpeas, mushrooms, and beans are all excellent sources of protein – zero animals involved! In fact, you’ll find plenty of protein-rich plant-based food at Doppio Zero, including our mushroom-filled Spaghetti Vegano, bean-filled Mexican vegan bowl, and festively filling Hearty Quinoa Bowl.

Health and happiness

Of course, life is all about balance. While healthy lunch meals are just as yummy as the calorific concoctions, there’s no reason you can’t indulge every now and again. Like, say, with a decadent panna cotta at your favourite family-style restaurant, Doppio Zero… With our menu offering a perfect blend of healthy and heavy, you can eat good and look good!