Start your day in style with the Doppio Zero menu

Breakfast may be the meal of champions, but many people are often too rushed in the morning to give it the love it deserves. Instead, they opt for quick, unhealthy fixes or even (gasp) skip it all together.

As the best Italian restaurant in South Africa, Doppio Zero strongly supports a good breakfast. From plant-based food like the Smashed Avo to meaty classics like our wholesome One-Pan, you’ll find everything you need to start the day right on the Doppio Zero menu. While we love it when you swing by, we also realise it’s not always possible. Never fear, though – we’ve shared one of our best breakfast recipes for you to try at home!

Rise and dine

Ready to start the day with a “Yum!”? Tuck into the delightfully decadent Breakfast Panna Cotta – you can make it ahead of time for an elegant grab-and-go morning meal. Here’s how:


(Makes 3)


170g – Yoghurt
170g – Milk
110g – Cream
½ Tsp – Vanilla paste
2 Tbsp – Sugar
¾ Tsp – Gelatine powder
3 Tbsp – Yoghurt
1 Tbsp – Berry compote
2 Tbsp – Chocolate granola
5-6 Slices – Strawberries and blueberries
3 Sprigs – Mint

Heat the yoghurt, milk, cream, vanilla paste, and sugar over low heat until warm – be careful not to let it boil! Remove it from the heat once mixed and set aside. Next, sponge the gelatine in a small amount of cold water, and add it into the warm yoghurt milk, mixing until it is fully dissolved and smooth. Pour 150g into each bowl, place in the fridge, and wait for them to set. Don’t forget to wipe the edges!

Once ready, you can make your panna cotta extra special with some fancy finishing touches. Swirl berry compote in yoghurt and pour it over the panna cotta. Sprinkle the granola on top, add the fruit, and garnish with mint. And there you have it, a beautiful breakfast to start the day right!

Serving you with a smile

Of course, while the home version is great, nothing beats panna cotta at your favourite family-style restaurant, Doppio Zero. Stop by and enjoy a variety of amazing breakfasts, healthy lunches, and much more, including unbeatable friendly service!