Hasty and tasty: A quick classic from the Doppio Zero menu

The holiday season may be just around the corner, but frankly, it’s still taking its sweet time to arrive. Even though the sun is shining, many of us feel stressed, tired, and just not so lekker. And when you’re exhausted, you don’t feel in the mood to cook or even eat out, especially when the takeaway menu is just there.

However, eating poorly will just make you feel worse. If you really want to perk up, following a whole food diet is best. But what if you don’t even have the energy to make something healthy? Don’t worry! Doppio Zero, AKA your favourite family-style restaurant, has a solution. While we love it when you come to plate up in person, we decided to share one of our favourite whole food plant-based recipes to try at home – it’s quick, healthy, and straight from the tasty Doppio Zero menu!
From our house to yours

Our super yummy, super summery, super healthy House Salad is a classic. And it’s quick to make, so you can enjoy restaurant-quality food from the comfort of your couch in minutes – now that’s what we call one of the best fast casual dining restaurants! Here’s everything you need:



5-6 – Pieces Pineapple chunks on a skewer
2 Tsp – Vinegar
Pinch – Paprika
1 Tsp – Sugar
2 Tbsp – Gorgonzola
¼ Handful Each – Rocket, baby leaves, and red cabbage
10 Slices – Red peppers
¼ Handful – Cucumber, carrot, and baby marrow mix
1 Tbsp – Cranberries
1 Tbsp – Walnuts
10 Slices – Onion
½ Cheek – Pickled apple
1 Tbsp – Lemon vinaigrette
3 Tbsp – Naartjie dressing

Simply marinade the pineapple skewer in the vinegar, paprika, and sugar before giving it a quick chargrill for extra flavour. Toss half the cheese in a mixing bowl, along with everything else except the naartjie dressing. Plate it up in a pretty salad dish and add the pineapple on top to create height. Sprinkle over the last of the gorgonzola and serve with the dressing on the side. Voila! Your easy lunch meals will never be the same.

Stop by for the real thing

The Doppio Zero menu offers the above dish and much more, including more plant-based foods and other delicious healthy options. So, once our House Salad has restored your energy, be sure to come by and try it all!