3 reasons why Doppio Zero offers plant-based food

It’s strange to think that not too long ago, people who enjoyed plant-based food were seen as either Hollywood weirdos, hippie weirdos, or just weirdos in general. Thankfully, most people have opened their minds (and stomachs) to the absolute deliciousness of vegan and vegetarian cuisine.

That being said, we at Doppio Zero still get asked why we’re so committed to putting plants on our plates. And we think it’s about time to address some of the perceived problems with a plant-based diet. Since we believe that sharing is caring, we’ve decided to list our top three reasons below.

We love the planet… and you!

There’s a long-running joke about preachy vegans… but the proven benefits of eating plant-based food are nothing to laugh at! And hey, we at Doppio Zero adore our customers. We want you (and the earth) to be around for a long time! Switching to plant-based, even if only for a few vegan lunch meals, can significantly lower our environmental impact and improve our health in the long term.

We love veggies

Some people firmly believe that meat is the main course, and veggies are nothing but a starter or a side dish. Or they think that veggies are only good for healthy lunch meals for weight loss! But these people obviously haven’t tried our incredible, life-changing, completely plant-based Earth Child Burger or Nomad Wrap. These people have not lived… don’t be like these people!

We love inclusive cuisine

One of the best things about plant-based food is that you don’t have to completely change your lifestyle to enjoy the benefits. Whether you’re fully veggie, a Meatless Monday fan, or just on the lookout for some healthy lunch meals, every little bit helps.

And with dishes like our spectacular Spaghetti Vegano and moreish Mexican Bowl, Doppio Zero is making it easier than ever to be plant-powered, no matter your eating preferences.

Eat well at Doppio Zero

At Doppio Zero family-style restaurant, you’ll always find something great to eat. We take the heavy lifting out of delicious, healthy meals: whether they’re plant-based or not. So, don’t stress too much about all the labels – just pop by, kick back, and enjoy something truly tasty!