Top vegan or vegetarian trends to watch

Many people think that plant-based food or plant-based protein is just a passing trend or a fad.

In truth, it’s actually a way of living that helps keep you healthy, reduces environmental harm, and allows you to explore new and delicious culinary avenues. And the vegan food list is growing every day!

That being said, just like with any lifestyle, there are definitely trends that come and go in the vegan or vegetarian world. The tastemakers at Doppio Zero family style restaurant have outlined some of our favourite current veggie trends right here:

Meat-free meat

The popularity of imitation meat has spiked considerably in the last few years. Perfect for newbies or the veg-curious, these brands offer a tasty yet familiar intro to plant-based recipes. We also think it’s brilliant for lunch ideas for kids (let’s be honest, who hasn’t tried to hide veg in their kids’ food?)!

Want to try it out for yourself? Pop into Doppio Zero, where we stock a range of Beyond Meat dishes, as well as vegan cheese. And we’re one of the few best restaurants in Johannesburg that can offer you vegan food delivery right now!

Tasty tofu

Although tofu, the end result of fermented soybeans, isn’t exactly new, this vegan superstar has recently seen a dramatic surge in status. Soft and yummy, tofu mimics the consistency of everything from scrambled eggs to soft desserts like mousse or ice cream. And it’s versatile too – tofu naturally takes on the flavour of whatever it’s cooked with, making it an easy way to bulk up your vegan soups, curries, and stews.

It’s plant-based protein made easy!

Magical milk

If your daily flat white with extra froth is all that’s standing between you and going full vegan, then we have good news: plant-based milk!

Like tofu, plant-based milk has been around for a while… but the new variants are really putting it on the map. In addition to the classic soy, cappuccino-loving veggies can now add almond, oat, and even macadamia milk, to their morning brew.

Despite the trends, living a plant-based life never goes out of style. And neither does the array of delicious vegan and vegetarian options on the Doppio Zero menu!