Doppio Zero’s beginner’s guide to vegan eating

So, you’ve decided to go vegan.

Great choice! Not only is plant-based food great for your health and the environment, but it’s also absolutely delicious. Just take a bite of the popular Nomad Wrap from the Doppio Zero menu for proof!

But aside from chucking cheese and forsaking steak, how does one actually go about living the vegan life? Here are some handy pointers for your journey, straight from the tastemakers at Doppio Zero family style restaurant:

Read up before you eat up

Unfortunately, being vegan isn’t as easy as simply giving up meat. Animal products like milk and eggs can show up in the most unexpected places – even your gummy bears aren’t safe.

It’s wise to read the label carefully before you tuck in – you’ll get very good at spotting veggie-friendly options in no time.
On the other hand, lots of surprising foods are actually vegan!

Taste, not trash

Once you’ve identified your vegan faves, it can be tempting to simply stick to them. This causes many vegans to overindulge in processed food… not the healthiest choice, despite being on the plant-based food list.

Stick to your roots

And here’s the real secret: you just can’t go wrong with vegetables.

Not only are there no labels to read, but veggies are also filling, healthy and, if used correctly, super tasty. Plus, you never need to worry that they’re anything but plant-based, due to being, you know, actual plants!

Make them the star

We’re so used to vegetables as side dishes… but no more. Being vegan means making veggies the star of the show, something that’s much easier than you think. Veg like sweet potatoes, carrots, and even broccoli can be versatile and delicious with sauces or even roasted with salt.

Of course, there’s also an even simpler way to kickstart your vegan journey. And that’s ordering delicious plant-based food from Doppio Zero, of course!

So, if you’re wondering, “Where are the best restaurants near me that will cater to my new vegan diet?” You can come to enjoy healthy lunch meals (breakfast, brunch, dinner, brinner, whatever!) at Doppio Zero!