How meat-free Mondays at Doppio Zero make a difference

Mondays. Is there anything good to say about them?

Funny that you should ask! We at Doppio Zero family-style restaurant absolutely love Mondays – because that’s the day we indulge in our delicious meat-free meals!

Actually, who are we kidding? Our plant-based recipes are amazing any day of the week, from our nourishing Chunky Roast Veg Curry to our super popular Nomad Wrap. 

But Mondays are extra special – because leaving the meat off your plate once a week is part of a global initiative to make the world better. An initiative that we’ve taken on with a healthy appetite!

Good for you, good for the planet

By now, you’ve almost certainly heard of Meat-free Mondays. Launched by Paul McCartney (you’ve definitely heard of him), the campaign aims to lessen our impact on the environment by encouraging everyone (yes, everyone – not just vegans or vegetarians!) to forego meat once a week.

But, how much of a difference can that possibly make?

It turns out that reducing your animal product consumption even one day a week can actually have massive benefits – for both your health and the environment!

Eating mostly veggies – as in fruits, grains, nuts, legumes, and pulses – can help reduce your risk of heart disease and help you maintain a healthy weight. Staying skinny while eating well? Yes, please! Where do we sign up?

Livestock production and maintenance (basically where your burgers come from) is the cause of nearly 15% of environmentally devastating global greenhouse emissions. So, if everyone on the planet committed to eating less meat every week, the effects would be out of this world.

Plant power with Doppio Zero

At Doppio Zero family-style restaurant, we firmly believe that veggies are stars in their own right – too long have they been dismissed as sides or starters! This is evident in our array of veg-led dishes, like our sublime Spaghetti Vegano and breath-taking Butternut Panzerotti.

That being said, we do feature some meat alternatives in our dishes – namely the trendy Beyond Meat in our Mexican Bowl and vegan burger. If you’re curious about plant-based food or just want to cut down on the meat a bit, this is a fabulous place to start.

Take the blues (and meat!) out of Mondays, and pop into Doppio Zero, one of the best restaurants in Johannesburg for tasty green goodness.