Doppio to You: Feel the love from the Doppio Zero menu

Ah, what’s that in the air? No, no, it’s not yet another COVID strain to ruin our summer… it’s the sweet scent of love! Consider this your official reminder that Valentine’s Day is around the corner!

Sure, the day of sappy celebration isn’t everyone’s favourite – many singletons resent the increase in PDA, while the coupled ups feel compelled to fork out their hard-earned cash for tacky heart-shaped goods. But, as the best Mediterranean restaurant in South Africa, we at Doppio Zero just can’t help but get swept up in la romanza!

Of course, by the time you’re reading this, every single restaurant is probably already fully booked. But who wants to be cramped in a packed venue anyway? Instead, we suggest a magical evening at your home! A night in can be intimate, special, and much lighter on the pocket when done right. Here are some Doppio Zero tips for stay-at-home romance this Valentine’s Day:

Dress up to dine in

After months of closed venues and working from home, chances are it’s been a while since you’ve had the opportunity to get properly dolled up. Why not dress to impress by breaking out a special dress or fancy tux? And let’s face it: after months of only wearing your ratty pyjamas and stinky slippers, reminding your partner of your pre-pandemic fabulousness can only do your relationship good.

Share the love

If you find yourself stunning but single, don’t stress – love is for everyone! Invite some of your closest pals over, crack open the fancy bubbly, and celebrate your friendship with a decadent Valentine’s meal. And if the couples feel left out – invite them over too! There’s always more yummy fast vegan food to be shared.

Fuss-free feasts from the Doppio Zero menu

Whether you’re entertaining your besties or wooing your other half, you’re already stressing over what to serve. But take a deep breath because you’re in luck! You have a friendly Cupid to help, AKA our new Doppio to You meal delivery service.

The meals feature freshly prepared whole food diet inspired dinners, plant-based food options, and even some decadently delicious sweet treats. All you need to do is order online, and we’ll deliver scrumptious family style restaurant meals straight to your door. What’s not to love?