Enjoy quality time with your fave family style restaurant

Cast your mind back to the dinner times of yesteryear, when families would gather at an actual table, not in front of the Smart TV. And believe it or not, there wasn’t a phone in sight – instead, they would actually talk to each other. Phew, now that’s a blast from the past!

In all seriousness, the rise of technology has definitely led to a decrease in the age-old tradition of quality dinner time. This is actually a big shame – daily rituals, like eating meals together, is one of the best ways to bond with your loved ones. Not only do you get to catch up with each other away from the screens, but you’ll also enjoy your meal a lot more when you’re not focused on picking the perfect Instagram filter for it!

Of course, as the best Italian restaurant in South Africa, Doppio Zero is all about la famiglia! That’s why we’ve decided to share some top tips on how to make your meals a family affair.

Log off and tuck in

It hopefully goes without saying, but absolutely no devices are allowed at the table. While some Tik Tok addicts might protest, remind them that the whole point is to have proper conversations with each other. And if all else fails – turn off the Wi-Fi!

Make a meal out of it

There’s a reason those yucky frozen meals were called ‘TV dinners’ – you’d need to be glued to the screen to stomach the taste! But, if you dish up something scrumptious – like say, a new whole food plant-based recipe or some nourishing comfort vegan food, you’ll find that the family’s tastebuds will be far too tantalised to care about the latest reality show.

Let the Doppio Zero menu assist

Just because it’s a family meal doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be cooked by someone in the family… in fact, why not let the expert chefs at Doppio Zero lend a hand? Our fabulous new Doppio to You service delivers freshly prepared family style restaurant meals straight to your door, including everything from whole food diet inspired meals to decadently delicious sweet treats. Simply order online, and you’ll have expertly prepared, ready-to-serve dinners on the table in no time. Now all you need to do is hide those smartphones!